Dried fruit


The naartjie, the smaller and sweeter cousin to the orange, is a much-loved fruit throughout South Africa. The Fruit Cellar has dried these naartjie pieces without sulphur or harsh additives, preserving that citrusy sweetness while giving your family a convenient on-the-go snack.



Tart, dark, dried organic apricots – enjoy stewed or added to curries.



Ingredients: Dried Onions

  • Choice grade dried flavourful dried onions
  • Sourced Locally
  • Sulphur-free
  • No artificial flavours or colours



Savour the perfect bite-sized, honey-sweet fruit treat with this pack of dried persimmon pieces from The Fruit Cellar. These goodies are made with produce sourced from ethical local farmers, and dried without sulphur, so they’re better for you and the planet.



Add the perfect finishing touch to your homemade pizza or pasta, with these tangy dried tomatoes from The Fruit Cellar. They add a pop of colour and distinctive Mediterranean flavour to any dish.



Sulphur and preservative free, these organic dried grapes are simply a healthful, delicious snack bursting with natural goodness. 

Tierhoek Organic Farm is family-run “Farm to Fork” business that believes in the principles of quality, integrity, honesty and teamwork.



Italian Plum Tomato

Ripe Italian tomatoes dried crispy and full of flavour.

Soak in hot water to soften or add to stews.

Mmmm delicious!



Snack on some chewy dried pear slices to give your energy and immunity a lift. The Fruit Cellar has a created soft and sweet sulphur-free fruit selection that’s healthier for you and for the planet.



Dried plums, also called prunes, are known for their digestive benefits – and what’s more, they taste great. The Fruit Cellar’s prune pieces are made with choice grade local plums and dried without using sulphur, so they’re healthier and tastier than ordinary dried fruits.



The Fruit Cellar is a division of Tierhoek Organics, specialising in locally produced dried fruits. The Tierhoek team has developed an expert method of sulphur-free preservation, which makes The Fruit Cellar’s dried produce ideal for those with sulphur allergies and sensitivities.



Tuck into a chewy, fruity snack from The Fruit Cellar, a new division of the popular Tierhoek Organics range. These dried apple pieces are made with carefully sourced fresh fruit, and dried without the use of sulphur or harsh chemical preservatives.



Enjoy a perfectly peachy snack on the go, in your office or along your favourite hiking trail. The sweet and chewy dried peaches from The Fruit Cellar will give you a tasty energy and immunity boost.



Healthier living starts with small choices, like choosing to snack on all-natural, sulphur-free dried fruit pieces, instead of sugary and chemical-laden sweet treats. The Zooty Fruits mix from The Fruit Cellar is a selection of seasonal, choice grade dried fruits.



All of the Tierhoek Organic products use 100% certified organic ingredients and sun-ripened, freshly picked, natural ingredients with no additives and no preservatives.



The Fruit Cellar Dried Gooseberries are made from fresh ripe choice-grade fruits, dried on the farm premises. Hand-crafted speciality foods.